Obedience Training

To continue with obedience, I use hand and arm signals with my personal dogs like we’re taught in the military. These work well for puppies just learning or for teaching something new.. Now, what signals do I use?? It depends on the task but for example teaching a puppy to “sit”. I will use a treat to get and keep the puppy’s attention then moving my arm like I’m bowling and stop about waist high.

This guy is over exaggerating his sit arm signal, rookie… ha. This probably won’t work on a puppy the first few times but have patience and give a guiding hand by pushing down on their butt while saying “sit” (you always want to pair a command with an action), and once they sit, reward them in place. Only reward them in place, meaning give them the reward, treat or whatever they want most!!!!!!! after they sit, lay down or whatever task you are teaching. This re-enforces the position and later on in training the dog will not break until rewarded or told another command.

To teach the “down” position using an arm signal, I like to start in front of the dog, with reward/treat in hand, move my arm from around shoulder height straight to the floor in front of the dog while saying “down”. When the dog lays down, you reward them in place. Then just repeat. In my next post, I’ll talk about how to, what we call, extinct you having to bend all the way over or reaching over your dogs heads to have them sit or down.

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