A Day in the life of a K9 Handler

Here’s my first dog in Colorado, IIsidro. If anyone remembers what I said about double letters?? Well if not, long story short he was nuts. I feel like talking about a typical day as a K9 Handler. Usually, we start work at 0730 ish… I always put my lunch box up, my backpack down, maybe check my email or something like that. Within the first 30 minutes of work, I go check on all the dogs, spray out kennels, pick up any pans from morning feeding, see if everyone got their meds, etc. Then I go to my dog’s kennel (usually spinning, going crazy cause its time to work!!) pet them for a minute or two, grab my gear, hook up the pup and head out. I’m very self-motived and start training without anyone usually. I like to start with a good rapport walk around the base, anywhere from a mile to 4 or 5 miles. A long walk gets the stupid out then your dog will be calm enough to train for the rest of the day.

Depending on what the trainers have planned for the day, I’ll check back in or meet them wherever they are for training. With IIsidro, I had a plan for every day! This dog man, he was super super reward aggressive and possessive. He tore the pocket of my uniform, ripped a sleeve off my top, bit me in the leg, hand, ass cheek, and other places. So that was a typical day with him.

IIsidro was by far the most different dog I had. But I loved his ass, he was a great dog and had a lot of potential. Things didn’t work out and he was sent to a different base.

Now when you get certified and work the road, your day is usually pretty busy with walking patrols around certain areas, searching large vehicles, searching vehicles coming through the gate, responding to anything from a lost dog, to a major vehicle accident. I made everything training in some way. Always looking for a way to be a better team.

In the mix of this is doing kennel checks, feeding, mentoring/leading your troops. Definitely a busy shift, days would fly most of the time. Then at the end of the day, I’d take my dog to the obedience yard for some little play. Playing with your dog, from my perspective, is the best bonding tool. After like 10 minutes, I’d put them up and do changeover and bounce. End of the day.

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