Rewarding Your Dog

So I kinda talked about rewarding your dog in my last post but in this one I will go in depth with it.

Continuance schedule, fixed- variable schedule and variable reward schedule are the ones I use for my personal and work dogs.

Continuance reward schedule is mainly used for teaching a dog a new task. You reward the dog every time it does the task correctly. When performed incorrectly, you don’t correct the dog just reset them and start over. A topic for another post is conducive training and compulsive training. Always end on a positive note! The dog always wins!

Fixed reward schedule is used to advance a task once the dog understands the task it’s being asked to do. Instead of rewarding your dog every time you go to every 2nd time it does it correctly. If the dog can’t complete it 2 times without messing up, then start over with continuance schedule until you feel they can move on. After 2 times, you go to every 3, 4 and finally 5 times in a row without a mistake.

Last schedule it the variable reward schedule. You vary up when you’re going to reward your dog for a task. By varying up the reward, over time, the dog will wait in whatever position, sit, down, heal, under your legs, etc, the dog won’t break position because they know they can get rewarded at anytime if they don’t move.

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