Consistency, Patience and Simple Dog Training

Training a dog at any level training needs these 3 things to succeed. Consistency: Doing your training the same every time you pull your dog out. By being consistent on a daily basis, you build conditioning in your dog. He/she will know, over time, what you are asking of them. I know most trainers will call consistency, conditioning . To me its the same thing.

Example: Taking your dog outside first thing in the morning to use the facilities haha. When they go, you can reward them for a wanted behavior, going to the bathroom outside, using whatever kind of reward the dog values most! This will increase the likely hood of this good behavior being repeated. Over time, with you doing this the same way every day, your dog will know what to and when to do it. I’m kinda getting into reward schedules but I’ll cover that in a different post.

Patience: Having patience with your dog is huge! As a new handler back in 2013 I had zero. Wanted my MWD to do what I wanted when I wanted. Didn’t work out and we sucked as a team. Luckily I had some seasoned handlers there with me and they taught me to be patient. This is need with puppies and what we call “green dogs” (fresh from DTS). Puppies know nothing and green dogs know the bare basics. A good note is these dogs are like a very hyper 3 yr old with very little to no intention span. Patience is big in channeling their energy to what you are trying to teach them.

Simple: This is the easiest part. Whatever training you are doing, keep it simple and clear. Only work on one task at a time. If you’re working on teaching the dog how to sit. That’s it!! Do several short sessions a day (5-10 minutes) then take a break. Only teaching one task will eliminate confusion for the dog and for you.

Thanks for reading, leave me any questions, comments or concerns down below!!


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