Some background

Gonna start with sharing a little bit about myself. My name is Adam, I’m 33 years old, from a small town in southwest Louisiana. Grew up with an older brother and sister and a lot of Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Typical southern family, large holiday gatherings and always! always! great food at every get together. With food being said, I’m the only picky eater in La. So I don’t eat crawfish or shimp or anything, I think they’re gross but whatever. Anyway, I went to Elementary, Middle and High in Westlake, La. I played baseball my whole life and started football in middle school, played throughout high. Being from a small town, me and all my friends were always on the same teams and pretty much had the same baseball for 15 years ha. Sports will be a later topic. I graduated High school in 2004. Did the typical thing and enrolled at the local college. Majored in business management, however I wanted to be a history teacher for the longest time but gave up on that pretty quick. During college I worked at Target as a sales manager (hourly) and as a warehouse worker. Target was/is a great place to work!!! I loved my entire time there (5 years…college was hard ha). After I finished school, Target didn’t want to keep me on as a salary manager so I looked around and apply a lot of places and nothing… Since I struck out with a regular job, I decided to follow my older brother and join the military. Now he was commissioned in the Marines. I went with the Air Force but I enlisted because during my research of career fields/MOS, I saw a picture of a guy with a dog. That was it! I love dogs, we grew up with dogs, I HAD to become a K9 hander. Next day I enlisted and choose the Security Forces career field ( Air Force’s MP). Fast forward past basic training and tech school (both were boring and fairly easy), I got assigned to Ramstein AFB (Air Force Base), Germany! Awesome right?! I skipped some details but for the sake of those details I was married at this time. Long story short, it didn’t last. So now at Ramstein AFB, I did my time what we call a straight leg (regular Security Forces member with no specialized training). To become K9, you had to complete your CDCs, upgrade training and be in for 2 years. Did all that and put in a lot of time working at the Kennels with the handlers, trainers and the Kennel master. I applied and got in!! Yay me! Well shit, my class wasn’t for 8 months! SO I had to extend my tour there and went in August 2013. K9 school is 11 weeks of training at Joint Base San Antonio. The DoD K9 program is joint, other words all branches attend and work at what we call DTS (Dog training school). This is where all DoD K9s are trained and where all handlers are trained. After K9 school, I got orders to Japan. I went to Misawa AFB, Jp, it was great! Misawa is in northern Japan and it was very cold! My first MWD (military working dog) is the dog on the first post. Thats MWD Drake/T697. Thats my boy!! Did 2 years there and it was great. I had great handlers, trainers and kennel master there. I went to Turkey after Japan. It sucked ha. Hated all 15 months there. And now I’m at Peterson AFB, Co. Like I kinda mentioned in my first mini post, I’ll be getting out this summer after 10 years. This is a very basic background on myself and little history on how I joined then became a K9 handler/trainer. For future post, I’m going make them shorter, cover specific topics more in depth about myself and about training dogs. Forgive any of my grammatical errors or mispelled words. Cs get degrees kids.


4 thoughts on “Some background”

  1. Awesome blog Adam! I am excited to read this blog, as well as my boys. They all think their cousin Adam has the coolest job in the world! Every one of them wants to do exactly what you are doing!


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